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Wig factory production process and basic knowledge as well as wig raw

Wig factory production process and basic knowledge wig raw material classification: Human hair: at present, the most used hair in the market is China hair, India hair, Brazil hair, Europe hair, Chinese hair: Chinese hair is the hair with the largest amount of raw material used to make wigs at present. China has a large population, and the hair quality is relatively hard. It can be bleached and dyed after being treated with acid, and it can be reshaped after being decorated to the head. It's more popular in America and Europe. Indian hair: Indian hair is soft, not as straight as Chinese hair, with small wavy curls. It is easy to break after chemical treatment, and its plasticity is not strong. European hair: the color of European hair is close to the local consumer market. Currently, s is the most expensive raw material. The hair quality of European hair is soft, which is not suitable for bleaching and post-treatment. Chemical fiber silk: chemical fiber silk is a kind of supplement to human hair raw materials. Chemical fiber silk is divided into low-temperature silk, high-temperature silk, and protein silk Low temperature silk: low temperature silk is used as a kind of filler for human hair curtain. The low temperature silk can be heated at 270 degrees without deformation. This kind of silk is used for shaping and reducing the raw material cost of human hair curtain. The disadvantage of low temperature filaments is that they are flammable and form clumps when burned. High temperature silk: high temperature silk can be kept in 270 degrees below the deformation, for the production of styling. Meringue silk: it is the raw material closest to human hair and feels closest to human hair. It is often used as filler in high-grade wig products and can automatically flame retardant after combustion. In the product restrictions of many countries, it is clearly required that fake hair silk can flame retardant. Classification of wigs Wig belongs to light industry manufacturing industry belongs to hair product industry, hair product industry cent: craft clockwork, men hair piece, women's wear wig, coach head, chemical fiber hair, etc., wig is divided from use makings on: human hair, chemical fiber, human hair mixes chemical fiber 1 according to the material is divided into chemical fiber silk and human hair. The wig of chemical fiber silk is to use chemical fiber to make, fidelity is poor, wear after itch feeling, rise easily with scalp reaction.But the price is cheap and the effect lasts; The wig that real person hair makes is to choose the pure person hair that handles to make and become, its fidelity is tall, not easy knot, can bureau, dye, very hot, convenient change hairstyle, price is taller, qualitative effect is not too good. 2. Integration by face: wig cover and wig piece. Wig cover is the whole wig with the head, easy to wear, strong, covering a large area of wide application. Wig pieces can be customized into different shapes and sizes according to different needs, with strong randomness, high fidelity and good air permeability. according to the production method of extension knitting hair and hand hook hair. A machine makes hair. General mass production, 3 Low price, but the reality is not ideal, heavier, poor air permeability easy to make hair follicles blocked, easy to knot. Hand hook hair is purely manual hook system, high fidelity, good air permeability, wear comfort, but the price is relatively high. 4. From the perspective of technology, it can be divided into: semi-mechanism hair set, full lace hair set, jewish hair piece, lace hair set, and lace hair piece Bleaching and dyeing of wigs After the purchase of wig principles, the first production process: bleaching and dyeing First of all, if the customer did not specifically request, wigs must be treated with acid A certain concentration of sulfuric acid mixed with other drugs, soak wig! Why is it overly acidic? According to our ordinary people's thinking, wigs are dirty and dirty! Yeah, the easiest thing to do with acid is to sterilize it.After too acid hair hair firewood, easy to discount, also have harm to the skin! To neutralize it with ammonia,Neutralization at the same time, you can carry out bleaching, bleaching according to the requirements of dyeing!The action of ammonia water is apparent above all neutralize, go up the acerbity of a link. Make a hair smooth. Do not discount.In case of dyeing, it is necessary to adjust the dyeing agent according to the color handle provided by the customer, prepare the sample, compare the color and adjust the amount of dyeing agentto meet customer requirements of color!Then use warm water to clear and clean! If the color is a little darker, wash it several times! Production of wig _ grade hair: File hair: it is simple to say that messy hair is arranged, file flat end!The little girl that often archives hair is very clear to the quality of hair, can feel to come out at a touch!About China hair, India hair and myanmar hair, which our company often purchases, she described as follows:Chinese hair, strong hair quality, thick clockwork, natural healthy color. Indian hair, soft, fine, soft, Burmese hair: it smells File hair, put a lot of hair, first with a big iron comb simple comb after the head hair clip, then with a small clip of the hair a little clip out, alignment, clip the thickness of the hand, after that, to another person. Pick out the big stuff like threads! Send the production Make hair handle, hair shade should weigh before, divide next, the weight of each wants roughly same. Each hairpiece has regulation weight, measure according to the instruction on hairpiece design drawing namely, weigh out regulation hairpiece weight, tie with rubber band next good standby. Then pick out the chemical fibers or wool balls. After water treatment or ironing or shaping, and the rubber band into gold wire packaging. Taobao human wig ranking 5 Hair shade to make Can produce the hair shade of different dimensions :8 inches to 30 inches differ, weight is 100g commonly. Hair shade cent is mechanism hair shade and hand weave hair shade, because hand weaves hair shade cost tall, make slowly, general requirement is mechanism hair shade. Mechanism sends shade to finish through platoon hair machine namely. The dispensing machine usually has three heads and a glue box to put It is to roll the arranged hair curtain onto the measured hair through the hair arranging machine to form a hair curtain, and finally through the rubber wheel Special glue of a wig), such hair shade is very firm, wig also won't drop a hair. This completes a hair curtain. Arrange good hair shade is very long, the operation that can affect next finalize the design working procedure so, want to cut curtain so. Cut curtain is to cut the long hair curtain to do not exceed the length of the aluminum tube. toupee The production of the head first to complete the production of the head cover. The head cover is generally composed of three parts, front, back and top. General guest asks the place on the top of the head is stretch force net, so the guest can adjust headgear according to the size of his head, and because have flexibility, wear so rise to be able to be particularly comfortable. After the cap is finished, professional hook hair personnel will hook the hair evenly on the cap, the density of the hair has 100%, 120% according to the requirements of the customer. 150 percent, 180 percent. After the hair is hooked up, it can be set according to the customer's requirements, either straight or DEEPWAVE or BODYWAVE or YAKI or KINKY, etc. Finalize the design puts the wig with good modelling namely in oven of a high temperature, adjust the temperature that suits hairline finalize the design, undertake finalize the design. Crimp degree is different the time that needs to finalize the design is different also, general circumstance 60-80 minutes OK. Why the curve of wig is not easy to be out of shape, that is the credit of this one working procedure. Make men's heads quickly Men's hair block production should first according to the size of the guests or head shell head mold. Make the bottom of the net according to the head mold, and then you can make different styles of net cap, or PU or NPU or double layer net and so on. After making net cap, can hook a hair above, it is to make different density according to what the guest needs likewise. The important step after the hair has been hooked up is to feel the base glue, so that guests wear and comfortable. After the bottom glue is touched and dried, it can be washed and set. post-processing Posttreatment is to wash the hair, into the wig special care solution soaked in 15 minutes, handle a very good smooth hair feel, and then take off the water. The main function is to clean hair and handle the feel of wig hair.